The "How to" of

Sunset Youth Group

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Walking into a new youth ministry program can be a bit overwhelming your first few times. But SYG is dedicated to helping you find your place in the ministry! We have made getting connected to SYG as easy as three simple steps:

First, attend Bible class regularly:

It can be really difficult to make new friends when you only see them once a month. Even though it might be strange going to a new place, it is really important to try and attend class every Sunday and Wednesday. Hanging out with us weekly will really help you get to know us better. And don't worry, most of us don't bite!

Second, join a Squad:

Walking into a new place with over 100 students can be a bit intimidating. It can seem overwhelming trying to build friendships with that many people. Squads are smaller groups that offer you a chance to get to know 10-15 people that are the same age as you. And with 90% of SYG students on a Squad, joining one is a sure fire way to get plugged in quickly!

Third, attend a major event:

Hanging out with new people a few hours a week is not enough to really help develop those friendships. Major Events offer you the chance to spend a weekend with us as we help each other grow spiritually. By spending a few hours on a bus or in a cabin with us you are sure to create a few inside jokes and lasting memories!