Major Events-Core Events

Major Events are like the core class you take in school. They are essential to the spiritual development of every student. For this reason it is important that every student attend each major event that applies to their age as often as possible. Since it is important for every student to attend every major event, we are protective of family time and ensure that major events are not planned over major holidays or too close with other events. We limit the number of major events to ensure the quality of the events and to protect against creating too busy of a schedule.These events are planned out at least six months in advance and are usually consistent year to year. We also provide scholarship money so every student can attend these events. 

These are the seven Major Events: Senior Sunday, High School Mission Trip, 

Middle School Mission Trip, Summer Camp, Backyard Bash/Parent Orientation, HS Retreat, and MS Retreat.

Minor Events- Electives

Minor Events are relational events that take place throughout the year. They help the students stay connected to the group and offer some much needed hangout time. These events are often planned by the students with the help of a Major Event Coordinator. If you are feeling disconnected from SYG, then you really should dedicate some time to Minor Events. 

FYI Events- Extracurricular

Have an idea for an event? At SYG we welcome and encourage the idea of new activities. FYI events are like extracurricular activities in school. These events are planned by people/organizations outside of SYG,

but are still a good event for your student to attend if they are needing a "little extra."  While these are great events, Parents should be aware that SYG is not involved in the planning or oversight of these events. They may not follow SYG policies or procedures. We simply pass along valuable information so you can find extra ways to grow spiritually.