Bible Class

Meeting together multiple times a week to study is an essential part of growing spiritually. SYG has worked hard to rethink the process of Bible class. Instead of only having a traditional, lecture-style class, we often approach Bible class more like a lab-  a place to actively experiment and "tryout" the Christian faith in a safe environment. For instance, instead of simply having a class where we discuss the importance of prayer, we actually carve out large parts of our time to "try out" different types of prayers. This style allows students to learn at their own pace and be guided by spiritual mentors. It also allows for a more active type of learning environment. See what is coming up by looking over our class calendar.

Sunday Morning Class

On Sunday Mornings, we offer traditional classroom instruction at an appropriate level for middle school and high school students. High school and middle school students start the morning together sharing in a time of worship and announcements. Afterwards, they separate by grade level (6th-8th and 9th-12th)

to engage in a lesson tailored to their age and learning styles. 

The YLT has developed a three year rotating curriculum with topics that are essential for adolescent spiritual development. The rotating curriculum allows the students to study each topic at the appropriate level while in middle school and high school.

Even though the class is split by grade level, the middle school and high school classes study the same topic, allowing parents to have meaningful discussions of what your kids learned during Sunday lunch! 

Wednesday Night Class

On Wednesday nights we offer spontaneous, yet structured and spirit-led classes. There is lots of singing and celebration of people’s accomplishments. 

We only plan our Wednesday night fellowships one month in advance so we can address spiritual needs as they arise. As opposed to the Sunday curriculum, Students will often plan and lead Wednesday night classes, allowing our students to decide what spiritual areas need focus for the night. Any night that is not led by student are led by our youth ministers, who provide spiritual lessons that address specific needs of the youth group as a whole.

We often stay together as one big group unless the students decide they need a split class. The structure encourages students to take ownership of their youth group and actively think about what they need spiritually. Providing this opportunity often leads to dynamic classes that can be centered on worship, lessons, split guys/girls devotions, campfire devotionals, or fellowship nights for visitors.