Middle School Retreat- Pirate's Cove


 Ahoy Matey!  

Avast ye, if ye be reading this letter it means that I have gone down to Davey Jones’ Locker! My peril will be your profit! For I am leaving you this treasure map that will lead to a richness unimaginable! I have hidden me secret treasure on a forsaken island called Pirates Cove (or Plains Baptist Camp as some call it) near the vast sea of Floydada, Texas. It can be yours if you are up to the challenge of seeking it out. You will not be able to claim this treasure alone; you will need of a crew of scallywags and landlubbers if ye intend to claim this booty. A voyage will set off in search of me lost treasure on November 13 at 7pm from the glorious island of Sunset Church of Christ.


If you have a desire for adventure, danger and the open seas, then the Pirates Life is right for you! If you wish to claim a spot on this epic voyage, you must register and pay for a spot on the ship by November 1. So throw on some pirate gear, grab your duffle, and join us for the Middle School Retreat! 



Captain Black Beard


Retreat Details

Dates: November 13-15

Cost: $50 (scholarships are available)

Where: Plains Baptist Camp near Floydada, Texas

How to register? (Different than years past)

Due to us going to a different location. We are having to register a different way. This will be a longer process than usual as Plains Baptist requires you to register through them no matter what. So in order to stream line this process we will not make you fill out a registration for us and them. We will just do through them. You must pay a deposit of some kind or pay the amount in full $50. Of course if your child becomes ill before the retreat we will refund you the money. We will have scholarship money available but you will have to ask Scott for a special code in order to receive a scholarship. You can by card or e-check. At one point you will have to write in a code that is called a GHR Code that code is SCOCY2020. This process you will recognize is very similar to White Rivers registration. You will have to create a family account and then go back in and register your student as well. If you need any help don't hesitate to contact us or check out these instructions here

Here is the link to register.

How will we handle covid?



We are super excited that we are able to go on this Middle School Retreat. We have been working very hard to make sure that we are able to have this retreat. We along with our elders, ministers, and our youth deacons and elders (YLT) believe this retreat is important to our middle school students. However, we also want you to know that your child’s safety is one of our top concerns. We want to make sure we are doing our due diligence to make sure every student has a great time but in a Covid safe manner. We know that none of these regulations are ideal but serve the greater good of all. Below are just some of the measures we will be taking to make sure that your child has a fun and safe time.


  • New Location: In an effort to reduce travel and exposure time on the bus we are switching locations to Plains Baptist Encampment outside of Floydada, Texas.
  • Church provided transportation: We will take the aim bus and either more vans or a charter bus. On the aim bus there is an air purifying system that cycles the air off the bus every 2-3 minutes. We will only be allowing around 50% capacity on the vehicles and only have one student per every set of seats. We leave from Sunset at 7pm on Nov. 13.
  • Other transportation options: if you feel transportation is a concern for your child’s safety. We are allowing students to ride with parents out in a caravan. This is at the expense of the parent. It is about a 50-minute drive each way. If you choose to drop off your child, you are also agreeing to pick up your child at 2pm on Sunday. You will need to caravan with the group.
  • Housing: We will be doing reduced capacity in the retreat housing. The housing we are staying in usually holds 100. We are only going to be doing 60 people in the housing, and we will be sleeping head to toe vs all kids sleeping the same direction. These are bunk beds with each room having it’s own bathroom. Each room sleeps 10 people and there a total of 10 rooms.
  • Masks: At this point we will be wearing masks a good majority of the weekend, when social distancing of six feet cannot be met. This will possibly include: small groups, games, and worship. We usually do shirts on the retreats but on this one retreat we will be designing masks that are unique to this retreat.
  • Food: Plains Baptist will be providing the food for the event. We will have snack time during the weekend, but the snacks will be prepared in individual packaging or be pre-packaged snacks.
  • Activities: All activities will be modified to make sure we are doing our very best to keep social distancing guidelines.


We hope that you notice we are trying our very best to keep this retreat as similar as possible but with modified techniques. We believe in the importance of this retreat and that is why we tried our hardest to make sure we are having this retreat. This retreat is important to getting the students connected together. Retreats are a great way to get your child involved and connected


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. We will be happy to answer them. We hope that you consider sending your student on this event.


Scott Rektenwald and Jeremy Smith