Current Applicants

As we receive new applicants, their information will be posted here. Click the links next to their pictures to download their resumes, philosophy of ministry, or to rate their application. 

  • Mark Bonney

    Resume: Mark_Bonney.docx

    Philosophy of Ministry: Mark_Bonney._Philosophy_of_Ministry_-_2021.docx


    My name is Mark Bonney and I am from Rockwall, TX. I would be grateful to be considered for the available position at Sunset. God has blessed me with a unique life full of interesting experiences that I'm guessing a typical applicant for a youth ministry position might not have. That's what makes life fun though! In all aspects of my life my feet have been firmly planted in Jesus Christ. I've been a baptized believer since the age of 13. I've remained faithful through high school, 8 years of the military, 9 years of a wonderful marriage, 7 years as a supervisor at Starbucks (where I currently work), and 6 years of education (it took some time to figure out what degree I wanted to pursue). I will be graduating from Arizona State University this semester with a degree in Organizational Leadership. I believe that in all things the ability to look at problems or circumstances from a different point of view lends itself toward growth. My experiences have enforced in me the value of love, empathy, peace, and patience. While my degree, education, and experience may lend itself towards the corporate world, I would love the opportunity to serve in a ministry position. I might not be a typical candidate but I believe the skills that God has blessed me with may be of service to your youth group and congregation. If you are looking for someone who will be a dedicated servant leader, someone who loves God, and wants to help you and your youth succeed in their spiritual walk then please consider my application further.

  • Ethan Blackstone

    Resume: Ethan_Blackstone_Resume_word.docx

    Philosophy of Ministry: Requested


    Greetings! I’m excited to meet you all in person. I wanted to tell you a little about myself and my vision of youth ministry. I was born and raised in Odessa Texas growing up in a Church or Christ. after graduating from Permian high school I attended Lubbock Christian University to pursue a degree in Youth and Family Ministry. There I grew and strengthened and learned how to be an effective youth minister. I also met my now wife, we were married almost four years later in 2020. She is a wonderful partner in life and a great supporter of my role as Youth Ministry and loves our students deeply. The first thing is that youth ministry needs to be in the church, not adjacent to it. This requires the church community to be involved and invest in the student’s lives not only in the church building, but outside of the church walls. Young people are the church now; the life and energy of the body. If we make church their family then they will want to come around and stay. While they are in our ministry there will be goals for their growth in faith and in a relationship with Christ. Every event has a meaning, task, and purpose. Students are on all different walks of life, from getting the first chance to encounter Christ, to maturing into a well-formed Disciple of Christ. My goal is to facilitate a ministry that accommodates all walks of faith and help students grow further.

    As a team, with church leaders, parents, and volunteers, I will strategically plan events, trips, and programs to further their faith. The phrase, “it takes a village” has deep meaning and practical use when it comes to ministry. I am passionate about helping the broken, the lost, and the marginalized know they are loved, not only by God ,but also by His church. Students have become dependent on Social Media, their schools, and other outside resources to find truth. Together, WE will be the ones who speak truth and life into their dark world and build God’s kingdom until He comes again. I’m excited to start Kingdom-building with you.

    In His Name,

    Ethan Blackstone

  • Alex Garanzuay

    Resume: Preacher_s_resume_9_at_mcds_.docx

    Philosophy of Ministry: NA


  • Peter Hunt

    Resume: Peter_Hunt_Resumepdf.pdf

    Philosophy of Ministry: Requested

    Key Accomplishments: Peter_Hunt_Key_Accomplishmentspdf.pdf



    My name is Peter Hunt and I am currently the Youth Minister for the Lake Jackson Church of Christ, in Lake Jackson, TX. I am writing to you to consider me for the co-youth minister position opening at Sunset. You will find attached two documents; the first is my resume which includes a brief philosophy to my ministry both youth and congregational, and a Key Accomplishments List to show some of what I have achieved here over the last couple of years (please note this is not comprehensive by any means). I hope the list will speak for anything missed in the philosophy statement. I am a firm believer in the mission of Christ being involved in the lives of students, parents, and families, not just being an adult leader for only a couple of hours a week. 

    Whether you decide to continue the conversation with me or not, it is my prayer that the best person for the position is found and the Lord will bless the students and the community through the ministry there. 

    Thanks for taking the time to consider me. 

    Peter Hunt

  • Michael Jimenez

  • Brian Crosby

    Resume: Brian_Crosby_Youth_Ministry_Resume.docx

    Philosophy of Ministry: Brian_Crosby_Philosophy_of_Ministry.docx


    Attached are both my resume and Philosophy of Ministry for the Co-Youth Minister position. I would love to talk to you or any of the elders for any additional questions or information. I pray this finds both you and the eldership well, and I also pray that God will guide your search for a minister in the way He sees most fit. 

    -Brian Crosby

  • Hunter Fortson

    Resume: Resume-_Fortson.docx

    Philosophy of Ministry: Hunter_Fortson_Philosophy_of_Ministry.docx


    Hello Jeremy, my name is Hunter Fortson and I am looking for a full time Youth Ministry position. I graduated from Oklahoma Christian last spring with a degree in Youth and family ministry. I know on the website it says you prefer someone with at least 3 or more years of experience full time. I would like to challenge that. Many churches look only for guys with experience and those guys end up burning out after a few years. What makes a great youth minister is someone who has a calling and drive to be there long term. I have both of those. I am young and energetic with a caring heart and I am meant for Youth ministry. 

    In Him,


  • Brandon Foster

    Resume: resume._Brandon_Foster.docx

    Philosophy of Ministry: PoM_Brandon_Foster

    Rate    -Keys for success      - Who is my neighbor?    - start at 32:50-55:36 Gideon and the 300     - 12 minute devotional on God is so good

    Good evening, 

    My name is Brandon Foster, and I am inquiring about the ministry position available. I am a graduate of the Nashville school of preaching and currently a student at Heritage Christian University and living in Florence, Alabama with my wife while serving as the Youth Minister for the New Antioch church of Christ in Hillsboro, Alabama. Attached is my resume and a few links to different sermons and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

    In Him,

    Brandon Fosterresume._Brandon_Foster.docx

  • Christopher Elkins

    Resume: Chris_Elkins_Resume.docx

    Philosophy of Ministry: Chris_Elkins_Personal_Philosophy_of_YM.docx


    My name is Christopher Elkins, but you can call me Chris, and I am highly interested in the position to be a Co-Youth Minister at Sunset COC, because it would be an absolute honor to serve such a well built and well organized congregation that I have had the opportunity to be a part of before since I have been involved with the college ministry for about a year and a half. However I do not attend the college ministry any more, nor the congregation at the moment, I would be more than happy to discuss that with you. I am a first semester senior at Lubbock Christian University as a Youth and Family Ministry major and have had two internships up to this point and I do feel as though I exceeded my expectations of myself, but I do feel I have so much more to learn as I continue this path in youth ministry, and honestly not the most qualified for the job at all. However, I can say that if I am committed to something, I work my hardest and am very open to constructive criticism, new challenges, different methods and new ideas, where I have the opportunity to grow from my mistakes and successes as well as others, and if there is one thing that I have learned in college, is to have an open mind and be open to change, and that have definitely change me a lot for the better. 

    I know I am not the most qualified for what you are looking for, but I would greatly appreciate an opportunity of some kind to have an experience in an interview proccess, to have an opportunity to race for the open ministry Co-Youth

  • Guy Stover


    Philosophy of Ministry: Guy_Stover.YM_Philosophy.docx


    I would like to submit my resume for the co-youth ministry position. I have attached my resume and a philosophy to youth ministry to this email. Currently I work with Watters Road Church of Christ and they do not know I am applying. I ask that you keep my resume confidential and that you not contact them for now. I hope you all are doing well and I look forward to hearing from you.

    God Bless,

    Guy Stover

  • Garrett Behrends

    Resume: Resume_Garrett.pdf

    Philosophy of Ministry: Garrett.philosophy_of_youth_ministry.pdf


    Here is a copy of my resume and my philosophy of youth ministry. Let me know if there is anything else that you need from me! Praying that you guys will find the right person for the job.


    Garrett Behrends

  • Osmond Pipe


    Philosophy of Ministry: Osmond_Pipe._Sunset_Philosophy_of_Youth_Ministry.pdf


    I am writing this letter to present myself as a candidate for your ministry team's full-time Co-Youth Minister position. I am very excited about the opportunity to work in this capacity believing that this position would be a perfect fit for someone with my social skills, shared interests, and professional training. My occupational exposures to all aspects of ministry, including youth ministry, have equipped me with the directorial capabilities that enable me to succeed in a congregation like yours.

    As listed in my attached résumé, the positions that I have held have given me the experience that presents me as a strong candidate for this position within your church. With over ten (10) years of ministry, including youth ministry, I have successfully provided strong support and guidance to numerous youth groups, parents, camps, and retreats through motivational speeches and bible studies. Also, I helped ensure that each ministry's daily operational aspect was conducted in a highly professional manner and adhered to church and faith standards, administrative regulations, professional ethics, and applicable laws.

    I feel that I am a knowledgeable, qualified candidate with strong communication skills and significant insight into religious and cultural diversity. If you are searching for a qualified team player and a dedicated Youth Minister who will generate ideas into the youth program and develop Christian leadership skills within the youth, please contact me to arrange an interview. I am eager to learn more about this opportunity at your church and discuss how I would make a difference in youth's lives.

    Thank you, and I am looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

    Sincerely yours, Osmond A. Pipe

  • Brandon Aaron

  • John McGiffin


    Philosophy of Ministry: Philosophy_of_Youth_Ministry-_John_McGiffin.docx

    Statement of Faith: Statement_of_Faith_-_John_McGiffin.docx


    I would like to respectfully submit my resume for consideration on the youth minister position.   I have been actively working in the school system and now I am full time ministry. 

    I have led several churches in developing an educational resource that allows parents to see exactly where students should be in order to be taught the bible by the time they graduate.  It was developed with the help of 7 other certified, licensed teachers.   

    I have been organizing youth camps, youth rallies, VBS and the like for several years.   The number one reason teenagers get involved is because it is Fun!  Then we can teach them. 

    If you are looking for an experienced school administrator who is also a full time minister, I can help you make the youth program a place where it is less likely they will leave the church after they graduate.  

    I have attached my resume for your perusal.  

    John E. McGiffin