Full-Time Male Co-Youth Minister

Church: Sunset Church of Christ in Lubbock, TX. www.sunset.cc

Salary Range: Competitive +Benefits

Contact: Send resume and a one-page philosophy of youth ministry (your approach to youth ministry that explains your guiding theology and specific practices, events, approaches, ideologies, or teachings you think are crucial to youth ministry) to Jeremy Smith, jeremy@sunset.cc.

Prefer at least 3+ years of experience and an undergraduate degree.


The purpose of Sunset Youth Group (SYG) is to develop the spiritual maturity of every student through theological understanding, Christian virtues, and a wide range of healthy relationships. Each Youth Minister collaborates as team to help every 6th through 12th grade students take steps toward deeper spiritual maturity in Christ. The responsibilities below are shared with a co-minister and a leadership team. The youth ministry is overseen by the Youth Leadership Team (YLT), which is composed of youth minister(s), elder(s), and deacons. The Youth Leadership Team is accountable to the Sunset Eldership and Ministry Team.



1) Youth Group Staff Coordination-Youth Leadership Team

  • Act as an architect for the youth ministry program and a chairman for the Youth Leadership Team to develop and empower the youth ministry program systemically.
  • Develop a balanced and sustainable vision for the entire youth ministry program that is consistent with the larger vision of Sunset and the kingdom of God.
  • Help develop and distribute essential documents in a timely fashion (the youth directory, the youth ministry calendar, calendar requests, event and trip registration forms, and leaders contact list).
  • Work with YLT to develop, implement and keep the ministry accountable to the SYG foundation documents (visioning document, safety plan, budget, job descriptions, and purpose statements).
  • Seek to be informed about any special victories, concerns, challenges, or hospitalizations being faced by the youth and his or her family and, as often as reasonable, pass that information on to the YLT for personal follow up. 
  • Troubleshoot problems with the YLT.

2) Church Staff Coordination-Ministry Team

  • Attend weekly Ministry Team meetings to work with Sunset Ministry Team by helping to develop overall vision for Sunset Church of Christ; specifically, in reference to youth.
  • Be involved in the larger body of Sunset and help develop and execute Sunset’s larger vision into the youth ministry program.
  • Communicate with the church staff in such a way that they are informed and enthusiastically supportive of the priorities and programs of the youth ministry.
  • Meet weekly with the other Youth Minister and interns to make sure that each party is involved and informed of event progress and work needs. 
  • Work with ministry staff to serve on the benevolence rotation two hours every other month.
  • Be the ministry liaison for the LTC director.

 3) Youth Participation

  • Maintain a program that engages our students (an average of around 120 middle and high school students) weekly in some program of the church.
  • Know the names of every youth and parent on the rolls.
  • Seek out those youth who do not typically attend.

4) Volunteer Leader Development

  • Work with the Volunteer Deacon to help recruit and train volunteers for five different teams: 1) Major Event Coordinators, 2) Squads (Bible Class)  Small Groups), 3) Event Volunteers, 4) Interns, and 5) Bible Class Teachers.
  • Recruit all weekly youth ministry volunteers no later than 1 week before they are to begin.
  • Work with the student ministries assistant to ensure that all youth ministry volunteers complete background check and training before they become involved.
  • As time allows, meet with youth ministry volunteers and check in with them.

5) Event Planning

  • Work with Major Events Deacon to develop, maintain, and train a Major Events Team.
  • Work with Major Events Coordinators to develop a calendar four-six months before events.
  • Work with each event to ensure that all aspects of events are completed and within budget ($63,000).
  • Attending youth ministry major and minor events enthusiastically, thanking volunteers and helping out with clean up, and enjoying the afterglow with key volunteers and youth staff.

6) Bible Class

  • Work with the Bible class deacon to ensure that the Sunday morning and Wednesday night Bible class program is executed in a healthy fashion that is in line with the vision of the youth ministry and values of Sunset as a whole.
  • Develop and maintain a three-year rotating curriculum.
  • Work with the Bible class deacon to ensure that the Squad Coaches are fulfilling their job descriptions.
  • Empower and promote student leadership/service in the Wednesday night class setting. 

7) Public Relations

  • Work with the public relations deacon to develop and maintain a communications policy and plan for the ministry.
  • Work with interns and volunteers to ensure that special news and events are advertised in a timely manner, including: Photography, Attendance, Bulletin and Church Announcements, Forms and Registration, Event Promotion, Website upkeep, Texting and Email, Social Media Updates.

8) Family and Intergenerational Ministry

  • Being available for youth and their families as needs arise for pastoral care and support.
  • As time allows, occasionally teach adult bible classes, especially classes targeted toward parents of teenagers.

9) Interns

  • Work with intern(s) to provide an exceptional, relational ministry program.
  • Work with intern(s) to offer training, guidance, and spiritual development.

10) Personal Development

A.  Personal

  • Living out the vision of the SYG youth ministry and kingdom of God in their own life.
  • Being supportive and enthusiastic about pursuing the mission and goals of SYG.
  • Taking the equivalent of 1.5 days off weekly (at least one full day).
  • Allotment of 18 days of vacation time a year.

B. Attendance

  • Regularly attend Sunday morning worship, being visible in assemblies throughout the year, and Sunday Morning and Wednesday night Bible class.
  • Yearly initiate a meeting with the elders to update eldership on the progress of the ministry or pray with eldership.
  • Weekly meeting(s) with other youth minister and interns

C. Preparation

  • Constantly be developing spiritually by reading Christian books.
  • One week of Continuing Education provided by Sunset (up to $1000) a year.